Institute of Public and International Law

SUMMER WORKSHOP : European Convention on Human Rights and Sustainable Economy

The purpose of the upcoming summer workshop is to highlight the importance of the European Convention on Human Rights for the efficient and responsible market economy with special emphasis on recent developments linked to Business and Human Rights.


Europe is at the crossroads. Its future, its stability, and prosperity depend on how effectively it will respond to the crucial – old and new – challenges that it is facing. This summer school will bring together key decision-makers from the Council of Europe and leading scholars to discuss the ways in which the Council of Europe system and especially the European Convention on Human Rights can stand up to these challenges. These include, the judicial approach to Ecological Social Governance, the responsibility of business to protect human rights, the climate change emergencies and existing economic challenges. The outcomes of the Summits of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik, Iceland will also be discussed.


The Summer Workshop will be set as an educational space for interactive, engaging learning, and discussion. Seminars and workshops will be led by high profile invited researchers and practitioners. These activities will be complemented by interactive sessions delivered by academic staff members from the Institute of Public and International Law and it’s partners, as well as, lawyers of the European Court of Human Rights and practitioners from the Council of Europe.